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“REGA at the office” brings the relaxing moment that every employee needs. We provide professional massages and diverse tailored treatments for companies and offices. Companies that want to take care and treat their employees with effective and short or extensive massages from 10 to 60 minutes, directly on their office chair or on a massage table. We come to your workplace and\or social events to give you this relaxing REGA.

If you are an employer and you are looking to give your employees a healthy, well deserved break for their body and mind, which boosts energy and moral give us a call!

Marie-Claude Germain
Naama Barnes

massage in the office

massage for your employees


massage at the office

massage at the office

Have you ever thought of a way to take care of your employee’s well-being?

Hi-Tech sector, office employees, entrepreneurs, promoters or any kind of employee. We provide professional massages for companies and offices. It is well known that office workers develop a lot of tension in their shoulders, neck and lower back, sometimes even accompanied with pain. Many are also under a considerate amount of stress. For those companies who would like to offer that extra attention we offer effective and short massages between 5 to 10 minutes directly on their office chair, or 10 up to 60 minutes on a massage table. We come to your workplace as well as social events.

“REGA” applies treatments, short or extensive, if possible.  The main goal is:

  • to relax those taut muscles
  • easing their body and mind
  • enhancing blood flow to those areas
  • Possibly tracing the source of the problem and suggesting further treatment.

Shorter massages could be specific to certain body parts such as feet, hand, head or back. Those over 30 minutes could be an overall body treatment. These can be done with or without oil, over the sheet or clothes so receivers can remain fully clothed. For bigger groups we come with a team of certified massage therapists.

We are experienced and professional therapists in the Alternative Therapy spectrum including:

  • Chinese Acupuncture
  • massages from a varying range such as:
    • Tui na
    • Shiatsu
    • Swedish Massage
    • Deep tissue
    • Thai stretches and acupressure
    • Head, neck and shoulder massages
    • arm and feet treatments. 

Your employees are treated at their desk, or a quiet corner, in your office environment and they are back at their job immediately afterwards, feeling charged with positive energy and increased concentration.


We offer a discount for monthly or regular visit!



events for companies

special events

We come to massage your guest for your private or company events, such as:


  • Fun company day
  • Employee retreats
  • Launch parties
  • Bachelorette or bridal parties


To add a relaxing corner within your event, we come with massage tables or we perform a massage on regular chairs. Short or extensive massages are offered from 10 to 60 mins. Shorter massages could be specific to certain body parts such as feet, hands, head or back and be given on regular chairs. Those 20 to 60 minutes would require to be on a massage table and could be an overall body treatment. It could be done with or without oil (over the sheet or clothes so receivers can remain fully clothed). For bigger groups we come with our team of certified massage therapists.

Our team

Marie-Claude Germain - massage therapist

Marie-claude germain
Certified massage therapist

Marie-Claude is a Canadian certified massage therapist who specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage. Having been a Nurse for over ten years, she has acquired a strong knowledge of the physiology and physiopathology of the human body consolidating massage strategy required for your health condition. After having completed 3 degrees in Nursing; technical (Canadian college), Bachelor (University of Montreal, Canada) and Master degree (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and practiced for over ten years in different positions and departments in a large Montreal hospital, she decided to help people in a different way, through massage therapy.

She successfully completed her Swedish massage diploma at the Kiné-concept Institute, Montréal, Canada, in 2013. Since then, she continued to learn about different massage techniques such as myofascial released, shiatsu, thai massage on table, Californian and craniosacral therapy which she incorporates when appropriate in a treatment plan. When she first came to Tel Aviv, she gained plenty of experience working in a luxurious spa. Since 2015, she has her private massage clinic in the heart of Tel Aviv ( http://www.massagetherapist.co.il ) and is now the proud co-founder of Rega.

She fluently speak French, English, Spanish and basic Hebrew.

Naama Barnes - massage therapist and accuponcturist

naama barnes
certified massage therapist and accuponcturist

Na’ama graduated from “Reidman International College for Complimentary and Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv” in 2013, after completing 4 years of study in “Traditional Chinese Medicine”.  The curriculum included acupuncture treatment, medical herbs, Chinese nutrition and Tui Na (traditional Chinese massage).

Following her degree, she completed additional studies in the Zhejiang International Exchange Center of Clinical TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Hangzhou, China.  Among departments visited, she specialized in the wards of orthopedics, gynecology and dermatology.

In 2014, she enrolled and completed an advanced comprehensive course in Aesthetic Chinese Medicine and Cosmetic Acupuncture. These treatments combine natural aesthetics with Chinese Medicine.

Through Tui Na studies, she expanded her knowledge of diverse massage techniques such as Shiatsu, Swedish massage, deep tissue, Thai massage, Aromatherapy and more. She deems these therapies are complementary in any treatment and that massage therapy of any kind can balance oneself, enhance blood circulation, energy release and heal. She sees these benefits in her private practice but also from her experience working in different spas and clinics. She is now proud to be a co-founder of REGA, the short massage therapy at the office, because she believes in its healing power.